Bunk Johnson

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You can also find a brief chronology of Bunk Johnson's life.

This material is based on different sources. Much effort has been taken by Haakan Haakansson of Blood and Tears Productions. A printed discography has been published by the Swedish Bunk Johnson Society.

Below you will find some of the cd's that are currently available on the market and websites where you can order Bunk cd's.

AMCD-1 American Music AMCD-1

AMCD-6 American Music AMCD-6

AMCD-8 American Music AMCD-8

AMCD-12 American Music AMCD-12

AMCD-15 American Music AMCD-15

AMCD-46 American Music AMCD-46

DD225 Delmark DD225

DOCD1001 Document DOCD-1001

DOCD1010 Document DOCD-1010

JPCD1530 Document JPCD-1530-2


GTCD-12024 Good Time Jazz GTCD-12024-2

GTJM12048 Good Time Jazz GTJCD-12048-2

JCCD3036 Jazz Crusade JCCD-3036 "Jazz Nocturne 1 Bunk & Bechet in Boston".
Also available (with the same cover design) JCCD-3039 "Jazz Nocturne 2 Bunk & Bechet in Boston" and JCCD-3040 "Jazz Nocturne 3 Bunk & Bechet in Boston"

JCCD3059 Jazz Crusade JCCD-3059

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